Mid City Steel Now Stocks #1 White Cedar Fence

Why is Mid City Steel selling wood fence?
Mid City Steel Annex, Fencing Division, developed it’s reputation over the years by supplying the highest quality chain link fence products available.

Being in the “fence selling business” it was natural that we would expand our offerings to include wood, but before we could sell one picket of wood we needed to make sure that we could offer a product that could meet our exceptional standards.

We have found it and it’s called #1 Northern White Picket & Board.

Walk into a home improvement center and tell them that you want to put up a wood fence and they’ll probably point you to some prefab panels of pine or spruce fence that is all knotted, warped, and only has a finish on one side. You probably already know that even with constant maintenance, that material will not last many years in the tough New England environment.

Tell them that you want something of better quality and they’ll probably point you to plastic fence. If you have done your homework you know that cedar is like a “wonder wood”. Naturally insect and rot resistant, cedar has been a staple building material for centuries throughout the world.

Unlike some of the bio-engineered soft woods were a tree is grown and harvested in only a few years, the Northern White Cedar we sell is grown naturally so that the tree and resulting wood reflects it’s true characteristics.

Some may say, I’ve seen cedar at my home improvement store, what makes Mid City’s wood better?

We would answer that with a question. What grade is the home improvement material? Reason being that we only carry #1 which is a designated grade of wood fence. What #1 means is that there are few to no knots in the wood and that both sides of the pickets are finished. Even the knots that are there are tightly interwoven with the grain of the wood. Buying from a home improvement center ensures that you are not buying #1.

So why do the knots matter?
Over the years a common knot in a picket will litterally “fall out” of the picket. This happens because the density of the knot is so much different than the picket that it expands and contracts differently than the surrounding wood.

Here are some more facts about our wood.

Northern White Cedar Picket & Board


Northern White Picket & Board is a component system comprised of boards, posts and rails. A wide variety of sizes, grades and accents can be added to create unique designs. Northern White Cedar left uncoated will weather to a beautiful silver gray. Dimensional stability makes this wood ideal for outdoor use. Cedar readily accepts stains and paints, letting you match the fence to other buildings.

Mid City offers both #1 post for “wood on wood” installations as well as 2 3/8″ 13 Gauge fence pipe for “wood on steel”


Northern White Picket & Board can be employed for residential and commercial applications. Whether used for screening in a privacy setting or decoratively, its natural characteristics, dimensional stability and ability to be crafted into unique designs make it an excellent choice.

Features and Benefits

  • Northern White Cedar easily accepts stains and paints while providing long-lasting beauty and warmth to your home
  • Available in a variety of sizes and grades, a unique wood fence system can be designed to match or compliment its surroundings
  • Northern White Cedar naturally resists rotting and insects, resulting in a durable, long-lasting fence system
  • Northern White Cedar naturally weathers to a silver gray, helping to create an economical barrier
  • Properties of Northern White Cedar make it a dimensionally stable wood and one of the easiest to work with