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The Amazing Advantages of Using Sustainable Steel in New England

The Amazing Advantages of Using Sustainable Steel in New England

Steel is perhaps the most recycled material on the planet. The goal of sustainability is to improve the quality of life for everyone, both now and in the future. Sustainable steel supports the environmental, economical and social needs of New Englanders and promotes the responsible use and management of our resources.

Thousands of Uses

Steel can be used in a multitude of ways in commercial, residential and industrial construction and transportation. Nearly everything that we use is either manufactured with or made from steel. It is one of the most unique and versatile materials on the planet.

There are literally thousands of different types of steels available to choose from for your next project. Steel is used to support housing and food supplies. It is used in the transportation and energy delivery industries. Steel has been able to sustain challenges that come from population growth, climate change, water distribution and more.

Maximizing Sustainability

It is one thing for steel to have the ability to be recycled and reused in a number of ways, but the steel industry itself has helped to maximize the potential for steel’s sustainability. By working with designers to create products that are easier for contractors to reuse and for scrap metal businesses to recycle, the steel industry has made it possible to increase the use of steel products in Massachusetts throughout the lifecycle of the material in its use phase.

Steel’s ability to be recycled and reused in so many ways, while providing a durable, lasting product for commercial, residential and industrial use is one of its most valuable assets. This unique ability works to save precious raw materials and conserve energy throughout production, helping to aid in the responsible management of its use as a resource. Using sustainable steel in New England enables local businesses to do their part.

Steel Supports the Economy

Many steel producers experienced difficulties during the economic downturn, like most industries in the United States. Depressed market conditions led to disappointing results.   However, rather than admit defeat, the steel industry worked to improve its value and become even more sustainable. An economically sound steel industry is one that supports consumers and industry with steel products in Massachusetts that are useful and affordable.

Production within the steel industry slowed during this time, as steel-making is tied closely to the business cycle. Because of this slowdown, inventories of steel products were reduced due to a drop in demand from the housing industry and other construction-related projects. The positive side of this drop in demand and inventory was an increase in awareness of the value to commercial, residential and industrial businesses of used and surplus steel.

Used and Surplus Steel

Many businesses began to look for new ways to embrace green construction, while reducing  materiaL costs and overhead at the same time. Used and surplus steel is a great way to lower costs and support the recycling and reuse of valuable steel across the board. By using recycled steel products and surplus products, companies also support improved energy efficiency and reduced consumption that goes into creating new products from raw materials.

Recent upticks in demand for steel, particularly in growing countries, such as India and China, have increased demand worldwide. While full recovery of the steel industry and the global economy are still uncertain, many companies are enjoying relief at discovering new, greener ways to obtain quality materials.

Where to Get Sustainable Steel in New England

Mid City Steel is doing its part by helping to save precious raw materials, reduce energy consumption and increase the recyclability of used and surplus steel in the Southcoast area. With facilities located in Westport, Massachusetts and Bozrah, Connecticut, Mid City Steel is a family-run business that has been working in the scrap metal industry for nearly 80 years.

Serving commercial, residential and industrial customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, Mid City Steel is your best choice for top quality used and surplus steel, specialty items, Hardox steel and much more. Give them a call at 508-675-7833 for information on the products and services available, as well as directions to your nearest facility or annex location.

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