Steel Roof and Floor Deck


Roll formed from sheet in varying configurations, thicknesses, and sizes…steel decking is an essential product used in modern construction in various capacities depending on the application.

Capable of providing weight bearing support  for roofs in standard decking configurations, and providing structural support for concrete floor slabs with composite type… steel decking is lightweight, strong, and economical.  If you are looking for Steel Roof Decking or Steel Composite Floor Decking contact us for more information at (774)319-5400.

Decking for New Construction

Roof DeckSteel roof and floor composite deck has been used in commercial construction for years because of its obvious benefits. Today, construction of office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, and other large scale buildings are designed with increasingly specific engineering requirements.   Mid City Steel works directly with manufactures to ensure we meet your exact specifications, requirements, and schedule during both the bidding and construction processes.  Send us your requirements and allow Mid City Steel the opportunity to show you how “we work for you!”.

Roof Repair

Repair DeckAlthough it will take many years, even galvanized steel roofing will eventually lose the battle with brutal New England winters.  When that happens, Mid City Steel stocks the most common B Deck sizes for repairs.

Mid City Steel purchases steel roof decking from different manufacturers.  We do this because although some customers may have the flexibility to choose between various sizes, types, and thicknesses for a particular job, other customers require an exact match of a certain product.

Steel Composite Floor Deck


Mid City Steel has supplied Rebar and Welded Wire Remesh to the concrete industry for decades.  Over the past several years we have met an increasing demand in the construction market by investing in inventory, equipment, and the technology to be a full service Reinforcement Bar (Rebar) supplier and fabricator.  To that end we have expanded our offerings to include Steel Composite Floor Deck.

Stocked in various types, sizes, and thicknesses…Mid City Steel is ready to supply you with the steel decking you need for your next project.  Please allow us the opportunity to work for you by contacting us at (774) 319-5400.