BollardsOriginally, steel pipe bollards were made for maritime use, and were used where large ships would dock for mooring. History tells us that steel pipe bollards were first used outside of limited dock applications  in the 1600's.  They were designed to look like upended canons and were used as town markers or to mark boundaries.   Since that time, people have found many different uses for steel pipe bollards.   Bollards are now used to protect buildings, prevent traffic from crossing over boulevard divides and to protect pedestrians in walkways from vehicular traffic.

Today we see them everywhere, from the mall to hotels, small town communities and large metropolises.

Steel pipe bollards are used to direct traffic in parking garages and lots.  They restrict parking and help guide vehicles through confusing through ways and rotaries. In some situations, steel pipe bollards can even be used to mark pathways, walkways and add a professional touch to office buildings. There are many, many uses for steel pipe bollards in many different industries, including industrial, commercial, residential, municipal and educational.

We offer Surplus Pipe as well as New Pipe Bollards

Surplus pipe  should not be confused with used material.  When a steel mill manufactures pipe, it must conform to a standard size for it to be considered new.  Usually that size is 20 or 21 feet in length depending on the diameter.  Because of various factors during the manufacturing process, some lengths end up being short by as little as few inches all the way up to being short by a few feet. Those shorter lengths are considered surplus and are often remelted and added to the next manufacturing run.

Because of our close relationship with manufactures, Mid City Steel is able to purchase surplus 6" schedule 40 pipe at a discount that we can then pass on to our customers.  This pipe meets all safety standards and customers can be comfortable knowing that although they are saving money, they are not compromising quality. Request Inventory Code: USP600280 for the best pricing on your order for Surplus 6 inch Schedule 40 Pipe. Quantity Discounts apply.  All pipe custom cut to size.

If you require other sizes or galvanized bollards, Mid City Steel also has new pipe in stock at competitive prices.  Contact Mid City Steel direct for more information.

Common Sizes and Types of Bollards

Typically, the bollards that we see used in these situations are what is known as a fixed.  They are basically thick steel pipe buried in the ground.  A metal bollard painted to either match, blend in or stand out against its intended surroundings. They are usually 4 inch, 6 inch, or 8 inch in diameter and 36 inches high, but can come in a variety of heights and widths, depending on the needs and requirements of the project. Most steel pipe bollards are installed using concrete into the ground. They can be installed in landscaped areas, parking lots, alongside sidewalks and in asphalt roadways.

Some are left open, but many are capped with a flat, angled or domed cap to prevent debris from collecting. Another common technique is filling and doming the bollard with concrete.

Why Mid City Steel is the Best Place to Get Steel Pipe Bollards

With locations in Westport, Massachusetts and Bozrah, Connecticut, Mid City Steel makes it easy for contractors, construction businesses, landscapers and architects to obtain steel pipe bollards, as well as other types of steel products and materials for residential, industrial, municipal or commercial properties.

With a variety of options and locations available to choose from, Mid City steel makes it easy to get all of the materials, products and supplies you need for your next project - no matter how large or small. From parking lots to commercial properties, industrial applications to residential projects, Mid City Steel is your best bet for quality and services in New England.   Contact Mid City Steel direct for hours, directions and location information.