Mid City Steel, with locations in Bozrah, Connecticut and Westport, Massachusetts, has a lot of products and services available to its customers. One of the specialty services now available is sheet metal and steel plate shearing. The industrial metal shears used by Mid City can shear both thin and thick sheet metal, ranging from 22 gauge all the way on up to 1/2 steel plate.

What is Sheet Metal Shearing?
Also known as die cutting in some industrial circles, sheet metal sheering uses shear blades to cut stock, rather than burning or melting the sheet metal, like in some applications. Sheet metal shearing is a process that is used to form plates or sheets of metal to specific sizes in both width and in lenght.

A variety of different types of steel can be cut, depending on the shear blade used in the process. Some blades are designed to cut mild or high tensile strength steel, while others are designed to perfectly cut stainless steel.

How is the Metal Cut?

Two very sharp blades are used to shear the sheet metal. The blades are aligned perfectly, with one blade being placed underneath the stock metal and the other one located on top. The sheet metal is actually cut from both the top and the bottom when the shear blades are put into a spinning motion. Typically, one shear blade will stay put while the other one does the cutting.

The shears cut the metal in a straight line. However, with a little skill, absolutely any geometrical shape that utilizes straight cuts can be created, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, etc. Additionally, the blades can be used to create patterns and holes in the stock metal, and the shearing does not have to completely go through the material, but it can be graded at different levels to create unique results.

What Type of Metal is Used?

The minimum size of stock metal used in shearing should be no smaller than 0.125mm in thickness. On the other hand, the maximum is generally 6.35mm. While some industrial metal shears and equipment can handle smaller or larger materials, this is the optimum spectrum for best results. By using stock size material, extra costs associated with special slitting can be eliminated.

Again, the type of blades used and the type of sheet metal shearing equipment available will determine the type of metal sheeting that can be used. For example, metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, carbon plate, bronze, galvanized steel and basic steel can all be cut with industrial metal shears. On the other hand, sheet metal shears can also be used to cut other materials, such as plastic.

What Types of Sheet Metal Shears Are There?

There are several different types of sheet metal shears available. Each one is designed for a specific purpose in mind. For example, small hand-held units utilize blades that are like guillotines to expertly cut thinner metals. Tin shear blades can be used with hand-held metal snips that are used for basic, on-site sheet metal shearing functions.

There are also massive floor-mounted models, like the units available through Mid City Steel in Bozrah, CT and Westport, MA. These larger models are capable of cutting thicker, stronger and larger pieces of stock metal. Contact the location nearest you for more information about Mid City’s industrial metal shears and sheet metal shearing services.

What Industries Use Sheet Metal Shearing Services?
Depending upon the use of the metal and the industry need, different industrial metal shear blades will need to be used to create the required products or materials.

Some of the industries and uses for sheet metal shearing include:

  • automotive parts
  • building materials for construction sites
  • components for manufacturing companies
  • roofing panels for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • aluminum siding
  • HVAC for heating and air ducts

Advantages to Using Mid City Steel’s Sheet Metal Shearing Services?
Aside from reducing equipment costs for your business associated with purchasing your own set of industrial metal shears, the experience and know-how of the technicians working at Mid City Steel are a definite advantage to our customers. In addition, here is some more information about the features of the sheet metal shears used at Mid City:

  • 3-position foot switch control
  • 4 foot squaring arm c/w steel rule with 1/16″ and 1mm increments
  • 4 edged high carbon, shock-resistant blades, top and bottom
  • 48″ back gauge travel with automatic swing up backstop when fully extended
  • 99 pre-selected programs
  • Back gauge control includes inch/metric conversion, a go-to-position function, an hour meter and stroke counter, plus an LED display for accuracy
  • Ball transfers in table
  • Hand slots in table
  • Pendant control c/w on/off buttons, stroke control dial and mode selector switch
  • Power blade clearance adjustment
  • Shadow light and line
  • T-slot in front of table

For more information about the sheet metal shearing services available at Mid City Steel, contact them at the Westport, Massachusetts office at 508-675-7833 or reach them at the Bozrah, Connecticut office at 860-204-0201. In addition to customer services, such as sheet metal shearing with industrial metal shears, Mid City Steel also offers a large array of products, such as steel and aluminum, surplus and used steel, chain link fence and specialty items, such as Hardox, steel road plate, awning tubing, welding supplies and more.