Snow Plow Blades and Curb Protectors

It’s that time of year again when landscapers, construction companies, and independent contractors are preparing their snow plows for dealing with the New England winter. Beyond checking and repairing hydraulic hoses and quick connects, operators need to pay special attention to their snow plow wear cutting edges.  

Snow plow cutting edges, also known as plow blades, are the steel blades that actually make contact with the street and are meant to slowly wear and receive the impact to protect the rest of the plow.  After miles of scraping, rough bumps, man hole covers, potholes, and hitting curbs these blades wear and need to be replaced.

Mid City Steel stocks a full line of snow plow blades in both 6″ and 8″ heights to accommodate both pick-up trucks and heavier equipment.  Our plow blades are designed to fit most Fisher, Meyer, Western, Boss, and Pathfinder plows.

Although our standard stock blades will fit most commercially manufactured plows, Mid City Steel is also excited to offer a custom Hardox® solution blade using our CAD and HD Plasma capabilities to fit your exact needs.

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Curb Buddy – The Hardox Curb Protector

As an authorized Hardox® WearParts Manufacturer, Mid City steel is always searching for new ways to use the “toughest steel on earth” to add value to the products we sell.  This year, Nick Schwab, our Senior CAD specialist from our Bozrah, CT facility worked closely with one of our longstanding customers to design a curb protector for their equipment and now Mid City Steel would like to offer this custom product to all our customers.  

Designed in house, custom cut according to individual specification and bolt patterns on one of our HD Plasma Tables from 3/8″ Hardox®, the Curb Buddy will not only help reduce wear to your snow plow cutting edge, but also has the potential to reduce damage to property.  

For more information please call us at 774-319-5400 or contact us here.