“Ze-gen, Inc., a Boston-based renewable energy company, was founded five years ago to develop a better solution to municipalities’ waste problems. Ze-gen is advancing waste gasification technology that employs a liquid metal furnace to convert waste material into synthesis gas—a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen—through a high temperature chemical reduction process.

Synthesis gas is an ideal substitute for fossil fuels currently fired in conventional boilers or generators to produce energy. Ze-gen’s technology, when proved successful, will become the most environmentally friendly way to handle solid waste in existence today. It also will produce large amounts of renewable energy, which helps decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.

Ze-gen has assembled innovative science, proven processes, a motivated and experienced team, and institutional supporters all organized around the belief that it is possible to repurpose the carbon content found in conventional solid waste streams into synthesis gas and then into different forms of renewable energy. The company has enjoyed a strong relationship with Mid City Steel since its inception. Mid City’s founders, Louis Gitlin and Mark Gitlin, are early-stage investors in the company, facilitating the idea of gasification from drawing board to reality. Ze-gen has built a large-scale demonstration facility to prove out its gasification technology in New Bedford. The demonstration facility began operations in October of 2007, and Mid City Steel provided the building materials for the facility.

At the facility, Ze-gen gasifies the post-recycled construction & demolition debris New Bedford Waste Services currently processes daily. The demonstration plant is designed to prove the efficiencies of the gasification technology on a small scale.

Ze-gen plans to build the first commercial gasification facility in Massachusetts, and looks forward to continue working with Mid City
Steel on projects in the future.”