Mid City Steel is excited to offer HD Plasma cutting capabilities to the services we provide our customers.

Capable of cutting custom shapes in steel up to 2 inches thick with the power of plasma ranging from 30amp all the way up to 400amp, they are also Oxy-Fuel capable for thicker steel, and we also have the ability to do etch marking with Argon.

Using the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, and versatility, our plasma tables are capable of producing custom parts from Aluminum, Stainless, and Carbon Steel Plate.

By using the latest CNC automated controls and integrating Computer Aided Drawing software, Mid City Steel is capable of producing parts from your existing CAD drawing OR sketches and we will even accept a physical part and create all the necessary digital drawings for you.

At Mid City Steel we insist on providing superior quality and cost savings to our customers. One way we do this is by using Hypertherm controllers and software with our tables

With Hypertherm’s industry leading Phoenix Controller and ProNest software, Mid City Steel is able to reduce the amount of steel needed for large production runs by nesting pieces to minimize waste at high tolerances.

Beyond nesting, Mid City Steel also uses Hypertherm’s proprietary TruHole (TM) technology. TrueHole (TM) produces a significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible in plasma application. Specifically optimized for steel up to 1″ thick, Mid City Steel is able to reduce customer cost by burning holes that would traditionally require additional drilling labor.

Another great feature that we can provide is etching. Etching is an excellent way for boat builders and fabricators in other industries to reduce their layout and preparation cost while increasing quality. Our CNC controlled etching is capable of precise and detailed lettering, scoring, and marking of material making final assembly of complex jobs simpler.

Whether you need 1 custom part or hundreds of pieces manufactured, let Mid City Steel save you time and money by allowing us to work for you!


Mid City Steel will produce standard veritcal (I) cutting or bevel up to 45 degrees in A, V, Top Y, Bottom Y, K, or X configuration bevels in any custom shape.