New Bozrah Complex


Mid City Steel’s new steel service center and rebar fabrication complex in Bozrah, CT is in full operation.

This new complex is made up of 3 buildings with each built with a custom purpose.

The first building you notice when you pull into the yard is the large warehouse.  This facility is the heart of Mid City Steel, CT.  Providing over 1/2 acre of indoor storage, this building houses our structural steel and fabricating equipment including two HydMech saws, an Accurpress 320 ton brake, an Accushear sheer, and our Koike Arronson 3D/LT HD Beveling plasma table. This space was custom designed to provide a safe and efficient operation to service our customers with.


Next is our new office building and show room.  Inside, customers can see, touch, and buy a wide variety of steel working tools, welding supplies, and even discount steel drops.   When inside you will notice that all our sales people are in direct view and ready to help you.  Customers can walk in, order custom cut steel, and have a cup of coffee while they wait for their order if they have the time.

Lastly, but certainly not least is our Rebar fabrication building.  Mid City Steel is a full service reinforcement bar solution provider.  We have the resources to estimate and detail reinforcement steel projects from 2 tons all the way up to several hundred tons.  Although we have invested in the latest technology to optimize the process, ultimately you still need the right equipment, the right people, and the right space for it to actually happen.

This facility is exclusively dedicated to rebar fabrication. It is equipped with KRB heavy bending tables, stirrup bending machines, a shear line, overhead cranes, and loading happens via a full size truck bay.  This operation was designed and staffed with the single purpose of completing rebar projects accurately and efficiently.