Left to Right: Laine Raposa, VP Sales~Craig Duncan, SSAB~Lenny Reis Director IT~Louis Gitlin, President~Rick Mello, CT Manager~David Medeiros, General Manager~David Bettencourt, Operations Manager~Maurice Picard, SSAB

Mid City Steel is excited to announce that we have partnered with SSAB to become an authorized Hardox WearParts manufacturer.

As an authorized Hardox WearParts manufacturer, we have been identified by SSAB, the maker of Hardox, as a trusted organization with the capabilities and resources to produce the parts that have to perform in the most extreme environments.

Hardox wear plate forms the basis for most of our wear resistant parts and repair work. Hardox has delivered extreme wear resistance for more than 40 years, thanks to its unique combination of hardness and toughness.

Depending on your particular wear situation, Hardox wearparts can improve performance and increase service life up to 25 times compared to mild steel. Thanks to the wide range of Hardox grades, it is possible to optimize service life for all types of equipment and applications.

Why Hardox lasts longer

HardoxWPThe combination of hardness and toughness is what makes Hardox wear plate outperform other wear materials on the market. Its hardness minimizes wear since it is difficult for the ‘edges’ of abrasive material to cut into the steel’s surface. Hardness also means it has excellent yield and tensile strength, which helps maintain the structure’s shape.
Its toughness makes it possible for Hardox to withstand heavy impact without cracking. Plus, you can trust Hardox to have consistent properties from one plate to the next. Its superior cleanliness and low carbon equivalent also makeS it easy to perform any repair welding needed