Mid City Steel is temporarily closing our public retail showrooms on Saturdays. We appreciate your patience with the additional precautions we have instituted to protect both our customers and our staff. Please call our sales staff at 774-319-5400 for further assistance.


We are a proud member of the steel community and that includes prioritizing the safety & wellness of our employees, customers and families not only through the good times, but also through times of adversity.  With the continued threat of the coronavirus (covid-19), our team has taken many precautions in an attempt to maintain a healthy environment and mitigate potential exposures:

  • Specific education of employees regarding proper hygiene, social distancing, handwashing, staying home when sick, etc.
  • Identification of critical positions and contingency plans to sustain operations.
  • Implementation of work from home options where available.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing frequencies throughout the facility.
  • Implementing plans for shuttering break-room options to minimize social gathering.
  • Implementation of travel restrictions for all employees.
  • Implementation of visitor restrictions including travel vetting and screening prior to facility entry.

Currently, we are on schedule with customer pickup and deliveries and do not anticipate delays.  We will continue monitoring and providing immediate feedback to customers if we determine there will be an impact based on the rapidly changing pandemic environment.  Mid City Steel’s operating culture allows great flexibility through tough markets, issues, and even pandemics.  Our employees step up each and every time to ensure we meet our customer’s needs to best of our ability.

Thank you for your partnership and continued trust in Mid City Steel.  We truly value each and every customer and the relationships we have built through our mutual business interests.  We are all in this together and will prevail stronger on the other side of this unprecedented situation.

David Medeiros
General Manager
Mid City Steel Corp.