Mid City Steel is an Authorized HARDOX® Wearparts Partner

What’s Hardox?

Wear plate is steel plate designed for applications where high wear resistance is required. And no wear plate resists every kind of wear and impact better than Hardox. With Hardox, you can truly say “Bring it on!”. No wonder equipment manufacturers and their customers the world over put their trust in Hardox for applications such as excavators, front wheel loaders, tipper bodies, mining trucks, containers, crushers, fragmentizers, mixers, sieves, demolition tools and barges.

Hardox Data

HardoxDataSheetFor those who just "need to see the numbers", click here or directly on the hardox 450 datasheet.

Hardox WearParts – accept no substitutes!

Only genuine Hardox ensures unbeatable performance, savings and enhanced lifetime for your equipment. Weather you are looking to loose weight or gain strength in applications such as truck bodies, dumper bodies, containers and buckets or if you need production wear parts that simply outlast other materials, Hardox is the best choice.  As an exclusive New England Hardox Wearparts partner, Mid City Steel is your source for the toughest steel on earth.

What’s the secret behind Hardox performance?

The outstanding performance characteristics of Hardox wear plate come from a combination of hardness, strength and toughness. As a result Hardox can stand up to sliding, impact and squeezing wear. Hardox goes beyond wear resistance, allowing you to protect your equipment investment and work more effectively.

In truck bodies and containers, Hardox ensures a longer lifetime and highly predictable performance. Its high strength and hardness often allows for a thinner plate, enabling a higher payload and better fuel economy.

Hardox in your bucket translates to a longer equipment lifetime and enhanced reliability thanks to outstanding wear and deformation resistance. Enhanced performance is achieved because Hardox’s wear resistant properties are evenly distributed across the plate.