At Mid City Steel “We Work for You” is more than just our motto, it’s our mission. We are proud to work hard and help our customers meet their own challenges. A great example of this was when Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School was having trouble with their bleachers.

As anybody who lives in New England knows, our weather can have devasting effects on even the toughest pressure treated wood. Such was the case with the bleachers at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, MA.

After many years of rigid service the planking of the bleachers were becoming soft and spongy. The staff at Diman Regional knew that replacing all the wood would be a costly project that they did not want soon repeated so they decided to replace the wood with aluminum planking.

As you can imagine, aluminum bleacher planking isn’t something that you can get at your local hardware store, so they called on us. Our experienced staff was able to source out and arranged delivery of two tractor trailor loads of very specialized product from a west coast manufacturer to their door. Once the material arrived at our Westport location, the salesman escorted the truck to Diamond to ensure that the product met the expectations of the School.

The talented staff at Diman have replaced the wood planking and fans of the Bengals will now and forever have a safe and sturdy place to watch their team.