Commercial Steel Landscape Edging

ParkWhen it comes to creating, installing, and maintaining commercial and professionally landscaped residential areas, steel is the only material that should be considered for edging.

Mid City Steel offers steel landscape edging which provides a lasting landscape edging for lawns, gardens, and work sites in commercial and residential projects. Steel metal edging is ideal because of its strength, durability, and flexibility.

Mid City Steel supplies steel landscape edging to some of the largest landscaping contractors in MA, RI, & CT. For more information regarding our steel landscape edging please call 774-319-5400 to speak to a sales professional or contact us.

The Difference of Commercial Grade

The steel landscape edging offered by Mid City Steel is custom designed and purpose built.  We only offer commercial grade edging.  Unlike home improvement centers that sell flimsy sheet metal with short nail spikes, our thinnest edging is 1/8″ thick and our heavy duty is a full 1/4″ thick.  Our edging is measured and cut to offer flush overlap connections between lengths and slitted to take 15″ supplied steel spikes to secure the edging permanently.  Don’t waste your time and money trying to work with inferior edging with welded spikes and thin gauge sheet metal, call Mid City Steel and give us the opportunity to show you why our edging is superior and why our motto is “We Work for You”


Appearance Steel Edging subtly accents landscapes with clean lines and minimal intrusion
Steel Edging will not rot or become brittle in cold weather
Steel Edging resists frost heave, ground movement, and withstands routine landscape maintenance with its uniform thickness and weight
Steel Edging installs quickly and easily


Paint Coatings & Finishes
Colors Black & Green Mid City Steel’s landscape edging is covered with a durable enamel based paint coat for maximum protection compared to powder coats which are much thinner and prove ineffective when inevitably scratched during installation. Galvanized and other colors and finishes are available upon request.

Stock Sizes

Although Mid City has the network to acquire practically every available color and finish for our customers, we have found that the following sizes are the most popular and as a result we keep enough stock to be able to offer next day delivery on most orders including large commercial installations.

Thickness Height Length Color
1/4″ 5″ 16′ Black / Green
3/16″ 4″ 16′ Black / Green
1/8″ 4″ 10′ Black