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Zero Waste: The Case for Used Steel Supply in Massachusetts

Zero Waste: The Case for Used Steel Supply in Massachusetts

case-for-steelSteel is made from iron, which is known as the most abundant element on the planet. One of the biggest advantages to choosing steel construction for your next project is that it can be recycled and used again and again without diminishing any of its inherent properties. It is one of the more flexible metals, allowing designers and architects the ability to achieve ambitious designs due to its superior strength-to-weight ratio.

What Is Zero Waste?
Most steel is manufactured in a controlled factory environment. The pre-engineered steel components that are created are then transported directly to the job site for rapid assembly, resulting in zero waste. Steel construction is a naturally sustainable process, providing top quality results due to high quality standards, which are easily maintained due to fabricating, testing and certifying within a highly controlled environment. Components are created according to very specific specifications, which allows for a more predictable and faster method of operations.

What is Multi-cycling?

While most people are very much aware of recycling, when it comes to steel construction, the ability to reuse, recycle and reinvent steel throughout its life cycle at a very high level, is unmatched by any other material available. For many years, the ability to recover and recycle steel has been very highly developed and efficient right here in North America and all around the world. Recovery rates are between 90-99 percent for structural steel work and steel construction, further continuing to make the case for using steel.

When you choose to create a steel framed building, you are already taking huge steps toward true zero waste construction. Steel construction is the most effective way to reduce waste on the job site. The case for using steel is even proven during the manufacturing phase, where any offcuts or other pieces of steel that get removed are recovered and recycled back again into the steel making process. It truly is the best example of zero waste in residential, commercial and industrial construction today.

Steel is Reusable
You will often see Massachusetts steel supply centers, such as Mid City Steel, selling a variety of new and used steel. The reason for this is that steel frames can be easily dismantled and reused. They are designed to be removed, while still remaining in prime condition, which allows them to be reused as part of a structure or on its own. Because of this high standard for steel construction, these components are regularly reused again and again, never ending up in the local landfill.

When it comes to purchasing new, used, surplus  steel supply in New England, it pays to know what type of steel can be used where. If you have any questions about the regulated uses of surplus or used steel, speak with a representative at Mid City Steel. While steel can be used over and over again without losing its strength or inherent properties, there are still regulations in place regarding the use of used and surplus steel within the state of Massachusetts.

Easy and Safe to Use
Another advantage to choosing steel construction is that it is very easy to put together and use for framing a building. It reduces the amount of time required to set up the frame and the process is very simple and clean, as well. Being able to put up building structures at a faster rate of speed, while still providing a strong, dependable foundation, is very beneficial to sustainable steel construction and further proves the case for using steel.

Where to Get New, Surplus and Used Steel Supply in Westport

Contact Mid City Steel, located in Westport, Massachusetts and Bozrah, Connecticut for information on our steel construction components and custom order options. Mid City Steel has been serving customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut for many years and our family owned and operated business takes pride in the products that we deliver to our clients. If you need more information about steel construction or would like to know what we have available in the way of surplus and used steel supply in Westport at our Annex location, give us a call at 508-646-9800.

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