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Why You Should Choose Hardox Specialty Steel Plate From Mid City Steel for Your Next Project

Why You Should Choose Hardox Specialty Steel Plate From Mid City Steel for Your Next Project

Hardox at Mid City Steel

When it comes to purchasing specialty steel plate in New England that is designed to withstand the toughest punishment and abuse, one brand name stands out from the rest. Hardox is an excellent choice for the manufacturing of equipment and products that receive a lot of extreme wear and tear. An innovation from Sweden, Hardox was designed to yield high levels of hardness, has earned a reputation worldwide for consistent high quality and is more wear-resistant than any other brand of specialty steel on the planet.


You may have heard of or used this brand, but what you might not know is that you can get Hardox in New England from a local supplier. Mid City Steel, with locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, is now an exclusive distributor of Hardox plate. Now local businesses in the Northeast have access to this amazing product. Hardox can help you effectively increase the life of all your equipment, from excavator buckets to crushing mills, tipper bodies and more, when you choose Hardox.




Hardox comes available in several grades, including 400, 450, 500, 550 and 600. Every grade of Hardox is designed for extended life. Hardox steel plate products are machinable, weldable, formable, drillable and punchable, providing the best quality wearparts and service. When you purchase these products from Mid City Steel, an exclusive distributor of Hardox, you are making an investment in quality of what is known in the industry to be the world’s most widely-used wearplate.


The most widely used grade of Hardox is 450. This grade of Hardox is all-round wear resistant, bendable, weldable and can be used in applications that require load bearing performance. Hardox 450 is primarily used for dumpster bodies, hoppers, feeders and in rail road car construction. Hardox 450 is also frequently used in applications such as dump trucks, buckets, barges and front loaders. Now you can get this amazing specialty steel plate in New England, with Hardox 450 available for purchase locally at the Wesport, Massachusetts and Bozrah, Connecticut locations of Mid City Steel.


Versatility and Strength


Regardless of the project you are working on or the amount of wear and abuse you anticipate, Hardox steel plate is up to the challenge. A wide range of thicknesses and widths are available, providing customers with a tough, yet bendable and weldable product.


The first modern designed wear plate, Hardox launched back in 1974 and became an immediate success. Since its launch, Hardox has earned a solid reputation as the leading wear plate on the planet. SSAB, which is the Swedish company behind the Hardox brand, continues to develop, improve and innovate new products and services, keeping an edge over other specialty steel competitors.


Now that you can get Hardox in New England, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the real thing. Each and every steel plate manufactured by Hardox is tracked and can only be sold by exclusive distributors that are authorized by the company.


Good Business Sense


In addition to creating a more durable product, Hardox plates can also save you money in some pretty amazing ways. Because Hardox plates are more lightweight than other types of steel plates, using them in trucks, containers and buckets decreases the overall weight. A lower weight application in turn reduces fuel costs, increases payload and allows you to build bigger carrying devices that can handle larger loads.


Made with a low carbon equivalent, Hardox steel plates are easy to machine, require a much lower preheating and the design of the plates can stand up well to automatic welding, reducing prep time and OTHER overhead costs. Consistent properties and close thickness tolerances allow for bending results that are extremely high in precision. Day after day, under harsh and rough conditions, you will quickly see why Hardox is the best-selling specialty steel plate in New England and around the world.


Mid City Steel + Hardox: A Recipe for Success


Now that Mid City Steel is an exclusive distributor of Hardox, serving customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and all over New England, you have the opportunity to experience this amazing product in action. SSAB, the company behind Hardox, currently employs over 9,000 people in over 45 different countries around the globe, with production facilities in Sweden and the United States.


For more information about purchasing Hardox steel plate in New England, or for information about the other products and services available through Mid City Steel, contact them locally via their website or by calling their Westport, Massachusetts or Bozrah, Connecticut offices. From a wide range of structural steel l to chain link fence, aluminum or other specialty products, Mid City Steel is the best choice in New England for top notch service, competitive prices and reliable, on-time delivery.


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