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We Know Hardox Because We Use Hardox

Mid City Steel has been in business since 1976, but we started as a division of Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage, who’s history goes all the way back to 1940.

After seven decades of processing scrap metal we feel comfortable in stating that we know what “tough” is when it comes to steel.

Mid City Scrap Iron owns and operates one of the most powerful bailers on the east cost. Our bailer was custom designed to our specifications to process loose scrap metal and crush it down to 4′ cubes at about 2,700 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Please check out the video below to see our bailer in action

Our bailer is in constant use and processes thousands of tons of material a month. Once the material is transferred from the hopper where it is loaded by grapple to the “charge box” where the scrap is actually crushed by hydraulic rams; the heat, friction and pressure creates enormous wear. To accomdiate this wear, the charge box is lined with steel wear plates.

Replacing this lining is a very time consuming and expensive process. Waiting until the lining actually fails creates even more problems
and more expensive repairs which is why we keep a close eye on it.

Over the years we’ve experimented with various types and grades of steel. Traditionally we had used Abrasive Resistant 400 & 450 steel. Although it was the best material for the job that we had found, inconsistences in the chemistry of the steel would sometimes lead to premature failure or uneven wear, catching us off guard and resulting in some unexpected repairs.

Then came Hardox. Although Hardox came with the highest recommendations, at Mid City we won’t sell it unless we KNOW it. At first we had our doubts, but once we started using Hardox 450, we found that it would bend, weld, and be drilled with the same characteristics each time. Experiencing no surprises in forming the steel for the installation was actually one of the first surprises we had because we know that it’s not uncommon for steel plate to have carbon pockets, hard spots, or soft spots.

The time came to reline the charge box, the job was done, and it was time to see what happened. At every inspection after the installation we began to notice that the wear was approximately 30-35% less than conventional AR 450 steel. Hardox lasted months longer and wore evenly. Having something that lasted longer was important, but what was equally important was the consistency and even wear. Hardox has helped us save money by allowing us to replace our wear parts less times, but also by giving us the confidence to better estimate down time and plan accordingly.

Since that first installation we use Hardox every time and it always produces reliable and predictable results.

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