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Team Mid City Wins!

Team Mid City Wins!

Photo: Team MidCity Steel celebrates their victory in the 2012 Ultimate Chef Competition, held at the Steel Yard on September 29th

MidCity Steel’s Ultimate Chef Team Wins Competition

In the fifth annual live sculpture-making competition, Steel Yard Iron Chef winners of past years battled for the title of Ultimate Chef. Each team was composed of five members: a Team Leader, a Sous Chef (a seasoned metalworking pro), an Apprentice (a student from one of the Steel Yard’s youth programs), a Yardie (one of the instructors or teaching assistants), and a Barker (a Board Member collecting vote from the audience).

At the start of the event, the Master of Ceremonies unveiled a secret word ‘citrus’ and a surprise ingredient that each team had to incorporate into their sculpture. Once the individual secret ingredient was revealed, each team was given a limited amount of time to cut, weld, and bend steel into a unique work of art that they then presented to a panel of judges and the audience to vote on.

The team sponsored by MidCity Steel was the judge’s favorite, and the team members were named Ultimate Chefs.  The team was also the most fashionable, wearing custom-made MidCity t-shirts, face paint, and matching kilts. This ‘Braveheart’-themed team led by Lee Corley fabricated a portable sculpture made of raw steel and their secret ingredients: a pineapple and a mini-motorbike.  When asked about the sculpture, Lee explained,  “Since this year’s word was ‘citrus’, we made a face that went wild when you threw citrus slices in it.”  The other team-mates were M Quinn, Topher Gent, and Carlos Ruiz. You may recognize some of these names; both Lee and Carlos visited MidCity for tours through the Steel Yard’s Camp Metalhead program where Lee was an instructor and Carlos was a participant.

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