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Santa’s Helpers

Santa’s Helpers

It takes great people to make a great company. This month we would like to take the opportunity to spotlight the private efforts of our employees.

The holiday season should be a joyous time for all children, but the unfortunate truth is that there are many families that just can not afford the luxury of spending money on toys.

For the past 12 years, our receptionist Joan Lachapelle, has been trying to make a difference in the lives of some local children with the help of other Mid City Employees. Every year Joan sends out a notice to all employees asking for unwrapped toys for local children and in classic Mid City fashion, the rough and tough steel workers from Mid City keep coming in with Dolls, Games, and all types of toys.

To date the Mid City Santa’s Helpers have made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children

If you would like more information about Santa’s Helper, please contact Joan Lachapelle.

Below is Joan’s message this year.


For over 12 years, the employees of Mid City have helped to make Christmas a happier time for area children that might otherwise get nothing from Santa.

If you are willing to purchase a gift to help make someone’s holiday a little more special, please see me for a child’s name along with a suggestion of what they might like to receive. The suggested gifts are around $20.00

Since we started this gift giving program, we have helped over 420 children

Thanks, Joan

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