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Marshfield Fair

Marshfield Fair

Mid City Steel’s General Manager, David Medeiros has many responsibilities keeping three locations across two states running smoothly.   Work ethic and commitment is always important to us, but we feel it’s equally important to maintain our commitment to our community and families.

David and his grandson Kaleb were recently pictured in the Patriot Ledger so we asked David to tell us a little bit more about what the picture and the fair were all about.


The picture from The Patriot Ledger is of myself with my one year old grandson Kaleb and a young Alpaca.

The history of the Marshfield Fair dates all the way back to 1867, which made this year the 145TH Annual Fair. Not long after the Civil War, community leaders wanted an event that supported agriculture and brought the community together. It is held at the end of August for ten days just when the summer is winding down and harvest season has begun .

The fair features amusement rides, a midway, typical fair food and extensive farm and agriculture exhibits. It is one of the few remaining fairs that still support 4H shows and competitions.

It holds a special place for me because back in the early 1970’s I was a 4H kid and lived on a small farm in East Middleborough MA which is in Plymouth County (as is Marshfield).

I was a member of the East Middleborough 4H Club and I would make the 4H fair circuit, made up of four or five fairs a year with other 4H clubs throughout Southeastern MA. The Marshfield Fair was the last of the major fairs for me every year, and it was a time to say so long until next year to the 4H Family that I got to spend the summer with. Back in those days, we stayed at the fairgrounds or in the case of The Marshfield Fair a nearby school, where we could be close to and tend to the animals that we were showing. In my case I showed a Dairy Cow, a Beef Breed Cow, and Sheep. My brother Dennis also showed sheep. this memorable experience was like going to summer camp up to five times a year, every one a little different but with the same group of kids and 4 H leaders. We all became a pretty close group of young kids, all sharing the common experiences of the summer fairs.

Three and a half decades later, in August of 2010, my wife and I are on our way home from Boston and I see a sign advertising the Marshfield Fair. I ask her “Would you like to experience what was one of the favorite memories of my youth? “She says “of course! ” and when we show up at the fair, there is a Beef Show in progress at the same barn in the same show ring from when is a youngster.

The 4H kids looked the same way I did when I worked the show, dressed in white, proud and hoping that the animal would cooperate the way we worked so hard to train it to be.

Then we walked over to the Horticulture Barn to view some displays. When we got to the section titled “Old Chair as a Planter,” My wife said to me “Your chair planter could win this contest.” I said “you know, maybe next year, I’ll give it a try.” And so, in 2011 I put together an old kitchen chair planter, and took first prize. In 2012 I used an old rocking chair and also took first prize. I am already working on some ideas for next year’s show.  I enjoyed the fair this year with two of my grandchildren Kaleb who is one and David who is two, and I had one of the best times I can remember. Kaleb and David talk to me about the animals every day.

As A part of the Mid City Team for these many years I have always had a fondness for our agricultural customers and community. I know what it takes to live this life style and maintain and nurture its values for future generations: hard work, and a lot of faith.




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