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How to Use Ornamental Forgings in Connecticut

How to Use Ornamental Forgings in Connecticut

Also known as wrought iron or sometimes as cast iron, ornamental iron forgings are used in a number of different industries to created beautifully crafted gates, fences, railings and other architectural projects. Ornamental iron is virtually weatherproof and is a very attractive addition to many different commercial or residential projects, both indoors and outdoors.

Frequently used by home designers to accentuate a particular period piece and design, as well as in the renovation of a vintage home, iron embellishments can be used to create both decorative and security elements. When used decoratively, ornamental forgings add a look of elegant taste to any home.

Iron Gates and Fences

Ornamental forgings in Connecticut are also used frequently in outdoor spaces due to their natural ability to withstand the weather. Wrought iron fences are used frequently in security to keep out unwanted guests, including humans and animals.

A beautiful decorative gate made out of iron forgings can create a stately first impression to guests. Smaller iron gates can be used to provide entrance to a patio area or garden for an equally impressive effect.

Ornamental Handrails

Used both indoors and outdoors, ornamental iron forgings are a beautiful way to add function and flair to stairways throughout commercial and residential design projects. Spiral staircases are often adorned with ornamental handrails as an attractive design element.

Iron handrails on the front steps of a home provide a safe and secure method of support, particularly in wet or icy weather. Premium industrial coatings can be added to iron handrails to add shine, color, texture or grip.

How Ornamental Forgings are Created

The reason why ornamental iron is used in a lot of restorative, vintage and decorative projects is because it reminds us of days gone by, when craftsmEn shaped things by hand and took their time creating quality products. Wrought iron is still handcrafted in an iron works shop. The metal is heated and formed into a variety of different shapes and products. Hand-forged iron will outlast mild steel or aluminum by many, many years.

Forged iron gates and fences, as well as ornamental iron in other forms, is durable, functional and beautiful to look at, but it can be very difficult to make. Ornamental forgings in Connecticut are available in many different styles. It can be made into standard bars or sheets, as well as stamped designs, baskets, scrolls and twists. Embellishments can be added, such as posts, pegs, balls, bars, points and other extras. These can be purely for decorative purposes or for additional security.

Decorative Options for Ornamental Forgings

While most ornamental iron gates and fences are typically black in color, they can be customized to suit the needs or decorative theme of the project. Colorful paints and protected coatings can be used to enhance the finished products to help them stand out, blend in or serve a specific function.

Iron gates and fences are also usually combined with other materials. Brick and concrete are frequently used to create an aesthetically appealing fence that will be durable and strong. Wood is also used with iron materials for fencing projects, despite the fact that it is not as strong as brick or concrete.

Ornamental forgings used as handrails are often left in their natural color or painted for use indoors and outdoors. Long, winding staircases often take advantage of the dark color of the iron handrails to create a contrast with lighter colored walls, stairs or carpeting. There are many different ways to use ornamental forgings in home and commercial decor.

Where to Buy Ornamental Forgings in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island

Mid City Steel, with locations in Westport, Massachusetts and Bozrah, Connecticut, is a quality supplier of ornamental forgings in Connecticut and throughout the New England area. They provide a wide variety of ornamental iron gates and fences, as well as ornamental handrails and other products.

Mid City Steel also offers Sumter Coatings to their customers, a premium industrial coating that is specialized to protect and enhance ornamental iron forgings. Sumter Coatings has been providing paint and coatings to commercial, residential and industrial customers since 1996 and is a leader in the industry. Contact Mid City Steel at either the Bozrah or Westport offices to find out more about their ornamental forgings products and Sumter Coatings options.

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