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7 Ways That Used and Surplus Steel Pipe is Used

7 Ways That Used and Surplus Steel Pipe is Used

painted-steel-railingMid City Steel in Westport, MA buys and sells used and surplus steel pipe. The pipe and other types of steel that come through our Massachusetts location is available in a variety of lengths, dimensions and styles. While there are some situations where used and surplus steel are not allowed to be used, this surplus pipe can still be used ideally in a number of structural situations. The goal of this article is to educate our customers and local contractors about the different ways that used and surplus steel can be legally and safely used in construction.

What is Used and Surplus Steel Pipe?

When most people think about used materials, they instantly assume that those materials are old, dirty, corroded and degraded after weeks, months or even years of use. However, that is not always the case. Also sometimes referred to as “secondary” pipe, these materials are for sale as used or surplus rather than prime materials for a number of reasons.

One reason why otherwise brand new pipe would be sold as surplus or secondary materials is that it was leftover from another project. You read that right – the pipe might not even ever have been used, but because it was ordered, purchased and possibly cut for use on a job site, it cannot be re-sold again as prime.

What this means for you, the buyer, is that you have the opportunity to get top quality materials at a lower rate simply because they cannot be sold as prime. There are many different uses for surplus steel, but we will focus on just seven of them today. Just like prime steel, your used and surplus steel pipe can be cleaned, cut, welded and even painted according to your specifications.

Where Do Secondary Materials Come From?

You might be surprised to find out some of the sources where these secondary materials come from before they arrive to be sold as surplus steel in Massachusetts. In addition to simply being leftovers on the job site, used and surplus steel pipe also comes as “rejects” from customers – materials that were improperly cut or has some other type of defect. While the surplus pipe might not be able to be used in the way that it was intended, it can still be purchased for use in a variety of structural situations.

Excess or surplus pipe can also come from pipeline jobs that are done by local energy and utility companies. The pipe is purchased to replace worn out sections of existing pipelines and in many cases there is a lot of unused lengths or ends of steel pipe that the company no longer needs. In other cases, smaller used and surplus steel pipe can be sold that was replaced when the utility company upgraded the system to a larger diameter.

How is Surplus Pipe Used?

We promised you seven different ways that used and surplus steel pipe can be used. However, it is important to note that before you use secondary materials on a job site, that you double-check with any local or state laws regarding the use of surplus steel in Massachusetts. Different rules may apply in different applications or may be in force in certain areas due to extreme conditions or other requirements.

#1 – Light Structural Use

Used and surplus steel pipe can be used in a number of structural applications, such as fencing, bollards, sign poles, hand railings and bridge railings.

#2 – Foundation Applications

Secondary materials can be used in a variety of construction applications that deal with creating a solid and strong foundation. Piling is one of the most common ways that surplus pipe is used. It can provide a stable foundation for structures that are built over water, such as a river, ocean canal, bay or even swampy land.

#3 – Increased Strength

Surplus steel in Massachusetts can also be used in situations where increased strength is needed that would be aided by secondary materials. For example, bulkheads and foundations that need to be shored up or that require a dense under-girding for additional strength would benefit from the use of used and surplus steel pipe.

#4 – Surface Casing

Another way that used and surplus steel pipe can be used is as surface casing. This beneficial application is used to protect water sands at oil fields from becoming contaminated or to prevent any drilling fluids from leaking during drilling. The pipe is set as shallow depths near the surface in this application.

#5 – Road Bore Casing

Surplus pipe is idea for road bore casing applications. It is used underneath roadways to create a stable, secure casing that is designed to hold onto a smaller piece of pipe that is part of a much larger section of pipeline. Used and surplus steel pipe can be cut down to any size and is often available in a variety of diameters as well.

#6 – Drainage and Dredging

Used and surplus steel pipe can also be used as drainage for ponds and other water features, and it can also be used as dredging pipe. In situations such as these, surplus pipe can be just as effective and dependable as prime materials, but at a fraction of the cost.

#7 – Pipelines

In some cases, secondary materials can even be reused for the purpose that they were originally intended. For example, used steel pipe can be reconditioned and reused in a new location and be just as safe and durable as new materials. It can even be used for oil and gas, as well as water pipelines.

However, it is important to note that any used and surplus steel pipe should be tested for pressure resistance and durability before it is used in a pressure situation. If it doesn’t pass the test, surplus pipe can also be used in low-pressure situations, such as transportation of gas, oil and water. Again, check with local regulations before using surplus steel in Massachusetts on your job site.

Where Can I Get Surplus Steel in Massachusetts?

Mid City Steel has built a solid reputation in the Westport, MA area for providing quality used and surplus steel pipe in addition to brand new, prime materials. Many of our secondary materials come from energy and utility companies, surplus pipe inventories from manufacturers and contractors, as well as direct from mill sources throughout New England.

If you are interested in finding out more about used and surplus steel pipe or are looking for a local supplier, contact Mid City Steel. We also have a Bozrah, CT location, making it easy for us to quickly fill orders and deliver our products direct to your job site anywhere in the South Coast region. We serve local customers and big time clients all over Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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